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Installation of Building Automation Systems requires a specific technological expertise which ARC Electric delivers.  Our service professionals provide an unparalleled understanding into the logistics of BAS – how such installations require the right technological partnership, and how this collaboration can result in the comprehensive building automation system your facility requires. We create automation systems designed to operate “behind the scenes” and hidden from view of the general public by either incorporating the system as a mount to existing hardware, underground installation, or far above in the ceiling.  By incorporating automation the ability for personalized control becomes simplified through devices which operate similar to a thermostat. Much like the type you would find in your own home.  With more businesses focused on internal technology to make business sites more intelligent, ARC Electric is a promoter of trends which significantly influence the reasons for enhanced building automation.

Next Gen Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic incorporation has made progressive strides over the past 25 years, with more businesses than ever incorporating this cost effective and superior form of communication transportation technology within their infrastructure.  ARC Electric can work to convert your existing technology to a secure and advantageous network designed to enhance internal connectivity.

See What ARC Electric Can Do

Contact ARC today and schedule an appointment to discuss Building Automation Systems or Fiber Optic development for your worksite.  Increase productivity, promote security, and enhance your working infrastructure.

Installation Considerations

With the complexity associated with the installation of an advanced fiber optic system – working together with the right partner is crucial when it comes to addressing the numerous considerations of technological importance.  From design creation to initial installation or the research of criteria essential to the development of fiber paths which transport your company’s data – ARC Electric is your trusted source.