ARC Directional Drilling


Project Management

Dig deep with horizontal drilling services powered by El Paso’s very own A.R.C. Electric. Our team of professionals are equipped to apply years of experience to any directional drilling applications. From the drafting of well plans utilizing the most enhanced industry leading technology throughout project implementation, mechanical execution, and on to final completion – A.R.C.

Electric constructs well types designed to meet your needs. We embrace the opportunity to create solutions associated with directional drilling which the industry can provide.

Cooperation of Trades

Projects require collaboration between professionals of varying trades – especially between the electrical and mechanical trades. A.R.C. Electric partnerships are numerous and establish a balance between affordability and cooperation to ensure your project runs efficiently and within budget.

Reporting and Cost Control

Reporting is an essential component of communication for any construction project big or small. Our goals include keeping you informed throughout the duration of the project by supplying expense reporting with comprehensive information detailing project costs, modifications, and finalized expenses.

Effective Project Management

Different projects require different forms of management. A.R.C. Electric is competent to manage the various aspects associated with the needs of a directional drilling project. Always mindful that cost is a critical success factor contributing to the lifecycle of a project – our management strategy is comprehensive in its focus on people, procurement, and project completion.

Commissioning and Project Completion

Among the most critical stages of the construction process is the commissioning and closeout of the project.  Verification can mean the difference between opening the doors and not.  A.R.C.Electric is committed to ensuring systems created through the use of directional drilling are ready for passage on the day inspection occurs.  Our team of labor and support personnel work to minimize unforeseen events which impact the completion phase of any project big or small.

o Under roadways

o Under buildings

o Up to 24” diameter

o Trenchless Sewer Taps

o Trenchless Conduit Installation