El Paso ARC began operations in 1988 with over 27 years committed to providing our clients with fully functional systems.  ARC has become the region’s leading Professional MEP Contractor. ARC Electrical & Mechanical takes pride in its long history of diversified solutions ranging from design, service, construction, and integration to name a few.

ARC’s Professional Project management team is conditioned with a combination of experience, skill, knowledge and commitment. Having successfully completed hundreds of projects throughout the Texas and New Mexico region. ARC has an impressive portfolio of clients and customers such as the City of El Paso, FBI, DEA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, United States ARMY Corps of Engineers, EPWU, Siemens, Trane, State of Texas, GSA, University of Texas at El Paso, Texas Tech to name a few.

El Paso ARC is best known for cultivating the forward thinking “Get Er’ Done” culture that has endured the test of time. Established on craftsmen principal’s that every worker should be a master at their craft ARC has mastered the craft of providing the very best, well thought out solutions to our customer’s construction and maintenance needs.

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From the Franklins to the Eastside or the Lower Valley to the Westside, El Paso A.R.C. Electric provides commercial electric consumers with the power they need to make our city as vibrant and lasting as the “Star on the Mountain.” A.R.C. Electric employs a team of professionals whose number one priority is YOU, our customer.
 From service calls to mechanical construction or HVAC and more, our company utilizes many different  skill sets to compliment a diverse group of enhanced electrical engineering capabilities which are designed to meet the needs of citizen centered businesses who have a longstanding presence within our community.  Providing service to locations across the valley, and all points in-between, El Paso A.R.C. Electric demonstrates an unwavering commitment to superior customer service and continues to maintain a family-owned presence within the greater El Paso area.
 During our time in business, we have consistently secured high-level contracts with many of El Paso’s most well known companies, healthcare providers and governmental entities. We always have, and continue to provide project consultation, materials assessment and procurement, process-contingency planning, blueprint development,   on-site construction services, project completion procedures, and more, to some of the most established commercial entities operating throughout El Paso today. Your business, whether or not it be large or small, deserve the services of an established homegrown company like A.R.C. Electric.
 Some of our clients have included Texas Tech Health Sciences University, Western Refinery, Providence Hospital, and the El Paso Intelligence Center located at Fort Bliss.  These are but a few of the companies which A.R.C. Electric has had the privilege of providing services to. Securing contracts of this scope and complexity demonstrate A.R.C Electric is equipped with an effective and knowledgeable team of professionals, a developed and ongoing level of technical expertise, and the necessary business relationships which are an essential requirement to successfully bidding for and being granted competitive contracts for projects of this technical nature and overall magnitude.


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